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Buggiflooer Beanie...a truly Shetland hat!

If you know me at all, you know I have a slight obsession with knitting hats. Colorwork, Fair Isle patterns in particular, with fun interesting designs. I love using my own Five Sisters Shetland yarn, which is the type of yarn these patterns are meant for. Lately I've enjoyed adding pops of color with Shetland yarns such as Jamieson & Smith, Aister 'Oo' , and Uradale. They pair beautifully with our jumper weight yarn!

This is the Buggiflooer Beanie by Alison Rendall, the Shetland Wool Week 2023 pattern. When I asked Alison what buggiflooer meant (and how to pronounce it), she responded "Buggiflooer is the Shetland word for sea campion. It is pronounced pretty much as it comes, bug-ee-floo-er. Flooer is how we would say flower!"

I used Five Sisters Farm jumper weight yarns in Plum, Apple, Hazel, and Bramble; and Uradale jumper weight in Ling Heath (purple), and Sundew Heath (green). I took some liberties with color placement to make it the way I desired. So fun!

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