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Fall Fiber Festival!

All are welcome to attend this FREE event! Our "Meet the Lambs" day in the spring was so popular we decided to invite the community back to see how those babies are growing! Come see Quinoa, Viola, and the rest of the flock, who love to be pet and cuddled. Sink your fingers into their soft fleeces, peruse our selection of natural wool yarn and fiber, and check out fiber art demonstrations (spinning, weaving, felting, and more). We'll be shearing sheep throughout the day and showing how to skirt a fleece ( and if you don't know what that even means, come and find out!). Fun for the whole family. Refreshments will be available by donation toward the "hay fund."

Signage will be posted the day of the event. We are just north of Plainfield Village (986 Route 12A), close to the intersection of Stage Rd.

It will be a woolly good time!

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