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Open Barn.....Meet the Lambs 4/24 from 10-3

We have 15 hopping Shetland lambs here at Five Sisters Farm this spring, and decided to hold an open event for the community to come and enjoy them!

Our small farm is just north of the village in Plainfield NH on Route 12A, we'll put signs up so you can't miss us. Lambs are at the barn up by the house. We'll have our yarn and fiber available and some other fun things including a raffle.

Here are some of the newest arrivals: Anise (Annie) and her brother Artichoke were born to Bella. We are delighted with their snow-white heads. Annie has white socks on her back feet and Artichoke, well, he has kind of a white beard and various white spots here and there. They are full of happy energy. Check out our Instagram for videos of their antics.

Coleus (Cole) and Chamomile (Cam) are Paisley's twin boys. Both are black like Paisley was as a baby...but Cam has white patches on his head. Cam loves to snuggle with people and sleep on this feed pan.

Heather and Holly look just like their mother Violet did as a baby, jet black with sweet little faces. These two big ewe lambs had a triplet katmoget sister who was sadly stillborn.

We are excited to see their fleeces as they grow, both mom Violet and dad Quince lean toward the stellar blue/gray. Heather has tight curls while Holly has smoother locks, but both of them have luster and shine.

Last but not least, this is Gooseberry (Goose). He is the tiniest lamb we've ever had, and his sister Blackberry (who is black) is only a little bigger. They are small but energetic and full of personality. First-time mama Plum is very attentive and they were happy to merge with the rest of the flock within a couple of days. Goose immediately made friends with every ewe and lamb and explored the whole paddock on his own. Blackberry stays close to mama.

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