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Spring means baby lambs...

So far we have 7 Shetland lambs to cuddle and enjoy! The rest of the ewes are taking their time this spring.

This is Azalea, who was born to Apple (dad is Bramble). Dark chocolate brown at birth, she looks like she will lighten up to a moorit shade. Full of personality and very inquisitive, she also loves to cuddle with her mama.

Nutmeg and Nettle (aka Ned) were the first of our 2022 lambs, arriving on March 2. They are twins and the offspring of Lily and Linden. This sister/brother duo will be happy when they have many more lamb friends to run around with.

Myrtle and Rue are another sister/brother set of twins by Daisy and Linden. Both are dark brown and until Rue gets some horn growth, are indistinguishable apart from Rue's tight curls and Myrtle's fluffier wool. This is Myrtle in a feed pan.

Periwinkle (Perry) and Peanut are the most recent additions. Twin ram lambs and both very different....Perry is jet black and tall, while Peanut has katmoget markings (white main color with black undermarkings and legs), and was so tiny he needed a little red fleece after birth.

Here is Posy with her boys. Their dad is Linden (who went on after a successful breeding season here on Five Sisters Farm to a new Shetland flock at Wild Roots Farm in NY...he will have many offspring this year!).

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